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Good Friday, March 2012 Michel and co-founder Todd gave birth to RUFF.  They put their respective skills together and a sexy high testosterone charged  Party was born.  RUFF is a dance party for MEN. We celebrate the diversity of our community with live DJ's and Gogo dancers of all age, color and body styles.  RUFF is welcoming of everyone 19+.

RUFF Black, Mr. RUFF and RUFF Playhouse or other brands of RUFF Events held throughout the year in Vancouver BC Canada.


While the RUFF Train was gaining speed after 18 months in operation and under amicable circumstances, Todd left the Executive Nest in 2013. Leaving RUFF under the capable hands of Michel of Michel Nadeau Events now Sole Owner of RUFFparty™, a registered trademark under Canadian Intellectual Property application owned by Michel Nadeau.

Michel recruited Tod Berezowski to join the executive nest and Tod was paramount in helping Michel  grow RUFF and assist in production of RUFF events in Vancouver, Seattle and Victoria.

Spencer Johnston aka Boy Spence replaced Tod in 2018 as Michel's new Apprentice and is slowly being groomed to become RUFF's new Executive Producer when RUFF enters it's 10th year in 2021.


Michel is leading the MN events' production team from his home office ensuring the various volunteers and contracted workers get where they should at the right time to ensure a great event from set-up, execution to strike down.  


RUFF is benefiting HIM - Health Initiative for MEN in 2019. Over $9,000 was raised on behalf of HiM in 2019.  


The Annual HUNT for Mr. RUFF has been paramount in boosting the RUFF brand in Vancouver.  The HUNT for Mr. RUFF is a Personality, Popularity, Performance and Fundraiser Competition where annual Candidates coveting the annual title must strip for VOTE and DONATION for HIM - Health Initiative for MEN.  


RUFF is entering its 9th year in 2020 with 1 RUFF parties at The PINT, 4 RUFF parties at Celebrities Underground & 3 RUFF Parties at Central Studios.  RUFF Playhouse may be revived in 2020 - A Male Variety Show benefiting HIM Health Initiative for MEN - www.checkhimout.ca 


Now into it's 21th year and 100+ special events on our portfolio, we helped raise over $185,086* in cash and $30,340* of in kind donations to various local non-profit organizations.

Our goal is to provide our community and its allies an affordable, competitive and memorable event experience they will look forward to return to. Our events would not be what they are without the contribution of dozens of volunteers, venue staff and contract workers who put countless amount of hours at various stages of the planning, production and execution of our events to deliver and help them grow in popularity year after year.


For more on Michel Nadeau Events click on the link.

*As of February 2020

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